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03-22-2007, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by ogie View Post
unfortunately this fight we be fodder for all the people in the league that would like to see fighting go the way of the Dodo. Eventually in the next few years I think there will be a major push to ban fighting for good.
I don't think the NHL will make the major push to do away with fighting. I think they will try to contain as much as possible, but to have GM's actually duiscuss the possibility of altering the instigator penalty at thier meeting this year tells me that there are still quitea few pro-fight lobbyists in the NHL that will always want to see it a part of the game. Plus for the NHL which is trying to make a comeback, why would they ever want to do away with a part of the game that according to surveys an overwhelming portion of the banbase absolutly want to stay a part of the game...and even want more of it than what the current product allows?

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