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03-22-2007, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Vulak View Post
man, that sucks and it makes me sad to see that happening to Todd. He was afterall one of the best ducks in last season and he basicly showed everyone what ducks hockey is on Burke era.

He crashed Nevded for good after Gauthier didnt drop gloves against Todd as he shoudl've. Post game press conference todd just said that denis had done tons of dirty hits and when he didnt want to answer to that by droping gloves, he had to send league wide message by other means. That ment lots of headacches for Nedved.

Ahh the memories, btw, Sean Donnell was on ice for Phoenix and he didnt hesite inch when going against Todd to retaliate that hit.I was jumping on joy when Burke traded o'donnell for us on deadline.

Todd is tens times better Enforcer than Parros is. He might be worse puncher, but he does the Enforcing job better.

Well at least Parros is still alive and well doing his role, considering this is the fridge's 2nd KO this year. Cannot be considered a better enforcer if one isn't in the lineup for streches of time.

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