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03-22-2007, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
I've told you countless times, its the linebacker hitting that i don't think is necessary. The game should be about the puck and skill, hitting included when I say skill cause that is a skill, i've never thought otherwise. Its those hits that guys like Stevens have used when they know a player is prone to serious injury but still freight train them. Thats a lack of respect, it has nothing to do with 'doing his job'.

If you've ever played the game you realize theres a point at which you know when you can blast an unsuspecting guy, or just effectively body check him off the puck or off the play. Players these days are taking it to extremes and we've seen head injuries progress at a higher rate than ever before.

As for the fighting, I've always appreciated and seen a place for it in the game, but lately, its evolved into something different.
In my opinion without fighting there would be more guys like Scott Stevens who will hit anyone in any position because there are no consequences. And when a fight would start because of a questionable hit, that would be erased, without fighting revenge isnt coming with dropped gloves but its coming with more headhunting, dirty hits and running star players. There will always be dirty players, but with fighting it gets rid of a few players who play that way. Jagr has gone untouched since that last game against Philly and that is because Orr is in the lineup and we are an overall tougher team.

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