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Originally Posted by pyattrocks View Post
The amount of Renney blunders this year have been incredible.

1. He didn't have a clue how to use Dawes and has treated him terribly. We could have badly used a scorer all year.

2. Rachunek should have never been on the team over Baranka to start. Baranka embarrassed him in camp.

3. He was so lost on how to use Cullen I can't even go into it. It would take too long.

4. He played Shanny till he dropped because he insisted on using him on the PK unit.

5. He refused to stick with Prucha for most of the season after he scored 30 goals last year in 68 games but had no problem sticking with other guys like Betts who average 10 points a season.

6. He had Betts and Hollweg on scoring lines for stretches when they have no offensive ability.

7. He punished young players for one mistake while letting clowns like Malik, Rachunek, Nylander and Rosival go unpunished.

8. His line combo's have been awful all season till the past 2 weeks.

9. I still can't figure out what Isbister is doing on this team. He is terrible. I know hw will be replaced if Hossa comes back but what is the point having him here. Why not give Dawes or Korpikoski a chance.

10. Putting Straka on the PP when the season is on the line and he can't shoot is beyond stupid.
Some very cogent points.

1. Jury is still out on that one.

2. Somewhat agree. But maybe Baranka could have used more seasoning. Hard to judge that now.

3. TOTALLY agree. Although Renney did take unfair criticism for using him in SO's then wasn't given enough credit when Cullen won a recent game in the shootout.

4. TOTALLY agree. Still boggles the mind that Shanahan played more minutes for us this year than he has in years. Hopefully the forced rest will leave him rejuvenated for the playoffs.

5. Agree to some extent. Prucha caused some of his own problems, but I think a different coach could have figured out how to get more out of him.

6. Meh. I don't remember it being that often.

7. TOTALLY agree, although he did bench Nylander in that important Islander game after the double minor, and he was roasted for that too. Sometimes a coach can't win. But Malik is allowed to make mistake after mistake and he stays in the lineup. I know, I know, the +/-......

8. More like past two months.

9. Yeah, I guess. I don't mind having Isbister in the lineup now that we are playing a lot of kids, but two months ago when Isbister was the first one called up, that was bad.

10. I don't know. Only Straka (and Renney to some extent) can judge that.

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