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Originally Posted by Mr BLUEandWHITE View Post
Hey guys leaf fan here I did not want to make a new thread about this so here it is. I was thinking of going to the game tomorrow night and I want to know how much you guys think I would need to get tickets from a scalper?

Also this may sound like a dumb question but is scalping in the US illegal? I ask this because I am reminded of a episode of "home improvement" where Al and Tim go to jail trying to sell tickets to a game. Just wondering I do not feel like getting into ****.

Also if I decide to go, what are some good places to go and eat some chicken wings? Is the HSBC arena close to downtown?
I shouldn't help out a Leafs fan but I got answers on your board when I asked about coming up so I'll return the favor

To start off, Scalping is legal in the US as long as a few conditions are met but even when it's obvious when the scalping is illegal I've yet to see a cop do anything about it. I've never had to scalp tickets but while waiting for a friend for the first Carolina game I heard a scalper turn down 200 for a pair of 100 level II tickets (and with disgust for how low the offer was). That game was a cheaper face value and my guess is demand will be more for tommorow night. I have heard though if your willing to wait until after the puck to drop the prices usually come down quite a big, but can't verify that. There are scalpers starting several blocks away from the arena so they are easy to find.

The arena is downtown, best place to go to get Wings is Anchor Bar, the birthplace of Chicken Wings. I'd say it's about 5-10 minutes from the arena, but if you go get get there early; it's a small place and fills up fast on game night. I ususally try and get there around 5 for a Friday night game; it's usually an hour there minimum even with no wait.

Hope this helps.

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