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02-14-2004, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Mountaineers
Fedoruk doesn't care (or probably even know) who is broadcasting the game. And he's certainly not worried about any tough guy in a Rangers uniform. He can handle Purinton - who else is there? The Rangers can't afford to dress anymore goons - as they don't have enough talent on the ice as is. Oh yeah- Simon - but for some reason he thinks he's a hockey player now.
1. It does not matter whether or not Fedoruk cares, as long as the league cares you will not see fights on ABC games. The refs will not allow it. It'll be kind of hard for him to drop the gloves if the minutes he pushes with someone he is either a) restrained by a ref or b) in the penalty box.
2. Just as he can handle Purinton, so to can Dale handle him. He landed a parting blow the other night. All the other fights that the 2 have had have been even. Purinton remains the only Ranger to have beaten Brash.
3. Have you watched Simon fight this year? He has beated each and every opponent soundly. Yeah, there have been those who made a fight of it, however the only times that that has happened is when Simon backs off becuase he has the other guy down. Case and point was the fight w/ the guy on Carolina. Simon had him soundly beat but choose not to continue to swing once he got him down. The other guy then continued to swing and then got up.

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