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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
well rounded ? the guy should dominate opponents. he should dominate shifts. dominate periods. dominate games. he has that talent. hes big and strong and a force but he doesnt do any of that.

you are setting the bar very low with your statements. this team cannot afford its highest paid players to be muckers and grinders. didnt we learn that already ?

rick nash is an elite 1st line power forward. or atleast thats what i hear..... dude needs to score and he isnt. hes ne of the least productive players per ice time on the roster.

what you are describing is a 3rd line guy. didnt we run ryan callahan out of town for this kind of play ? (actually, he ran himself out of town for playing like and being a 3rd liner and asking to be paid like a 1st line guy.)

i have no problem with a player cycling, and looking like he busts it- i disagree there however, and being "rounded".

but this is rick nash.

he needs to be alot better.
He's dominating possession in these playoffs. He isn't even remotely comparable to what Callahan was for us.

He's tied for second among Rangers forwards (not counting Carcillo) in Corsi Relative, he's third among Rangers forwards in Corsi QoC, and he's second among Rangers forwards in Corsi Rel QoC (Kreider is first, having played in half the games that Nash has).

What does that tell us?

It tells us that he is controlling play when on the ice against the other team's best players, i.e, assisting in keeping the other team's offensive threats in check, big time, while still being a relative threat to score.

It isn't just the advanced stats that show that, either...I've seen with my own eyes that when Nash is on the ice, we tend to control the puck a lot more than the other team, and we generally seem to be in the offensive zone when he is on the ice.

As I said, yes, his offensive production is lacking...but that is basically the only issue with his game at the moment. I realize that it's probably the biggest part of his game, but it's not as if he's been a passenger - he really hasn't. He has absolutely contributed in getting this team to the finals.

Originally Posted by TeamStewie View Post
Callahan would've done the same things for a couple of million less. He needs to score.
Callahan wishes he was as effective a possession player as Nash.


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