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06-06-2014, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by KrazyKat View Post
If mike richards is bought out would you look at bringing him back to philladphia! Most would say no im assuming due to salary and a poor performance this year. But i would love to have him back! He was a character player and would look great on girouxs wing. Thoughts?
Everyone here is missing the point... it is not whether or not Richards will want to come here and whether or not he will fit in with the current roster... or even if he will be able to be signed within the Cap restraints.

The big question is how would Hextall and the Flyers fit in Carter and his complete current contract when he holds his breath and turns blue, as he causes a complete King meltdown as he demands that LA moves him... to only the one team where he can again be reunited with his Bud... Here on Dry Island.

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