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06-06-2014, 08:21 PM
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How would the recently new NHL penalty work down the line on these long-term deals that save Cap?... When retirement happens the team(s) gets whacked at the end... With Richards, IIRC the Flyers are effected a tad, as it was explaned... but even if they aren't, I believe the Kings would be.

I understand that a Buy-Out... and in this case muddling up the work, a 'Compliance Buy-Out... is not a retirement unless the player does retire... but eventually they will. Does the Contract that saved Cap merely go bye bye, or does the penalty still show up at the end, and if it does, then how does the Buy-Outs/Compliance Buy-Outs effect it... if they does?

Just a thought to maybe cause a headache or two for some in contemplation.

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