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Originally Posted by HVPOLARBEARS19 View Post
Haha if Daniel Girardi is our "ace" that is sad.
Not to take anything away from Girardi, he's been great, but christ if a mid-season callup is your best defender there is a problem there.
Anyway, like I said, he has been 100000% times better than I ever expected, he has even been getting on the scoring sheet lately and he's been more than responsible in our zone.
Do you guys think Daniel Girardi really has a shot to stick around with us for a long time?
I kinda feel that since he isn't a top prospect of ours, or at least wasn't regarded as one, that he'll probably be used as trade bait in the offseason or before next year's deadline in order to get someone who is a proven veteran (not that I'm in favor of that, just what I think will happen.) It kinda seems like a situation where we'd trade a guy who wasn't supposed to have a great future, but now has higher than anticipated trade value, and we would want to get him for something before he comes back to Earth and turns into another player lost in limbo between the AHL and NHL until we finally released him or trade him for Denis Seidenburg #2.
Anyway, that's just what I think his fate will be, what do you guys think?
I don't think kid will ever "come back to Earth". He's the real deal. Just because he wasn't a highly hyped prospect doesn't mean anything. Look at what Lundqvist was when he was drafted.

BTW, put it this way:
Staal, Sanguinetti, Sauer, Baranka, Girardi, Tyutin
I think the Rangers won't need to make any trades for Defensemen anytime soon, but that's just my opinion . IMO this defensive group is going to be one of the greatest Defense Corps in Ranger history, just watch. I can see this team winning the cup once all these kids start reaching their prime. Who's going to get past that defense with the King behind them?

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