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Originally Posted by azaloum90 View Post
i think the more conservative fans prefer that the guy waiting in the wings takes a spot when he gets a chance (injury, bad play, player scratched, etc) in hope that the prospect blows their socks off, then becomes insanely beast, to the point you can trade the player that initially held their spot in order to solidify another roster requirement....

I prefer that method as well.. I'm not in for penciling players into roster spots. Gives them entitlement that they in most cases dont deserve. Edmonton has done this... they just stick their freshly found #1 picks into the fire and expect them to change the world... the roster ends up turning over so often that nobody gets to form any chemistry, and you're always chasing tomorrow, while never dealing with the issues you have today. Having young dummy's in the lineup makes it twice as bad.

The only reason why I can accept that Miller can be penciled in is because a) We need the cap savings, and b) he's been relatively decent, and given the way he has previously excelled with Kreider, there is no reason not to allow him the opportunity.
While I agree there needs to be competition and best player wins that job, I disagree with the conservative approach.

The liberal approach would have that competition direct at square 1.
In your conservative ideal, there is less progression, more regression. A better player still has to wait until an opportunity presents itself, according to you.

Usually, when the shackles are off and it is fair, unmanipulated, liberalism usually defeats conservativism.

I think that applies to sport as well.
Just to make an extreme example to fully prove the point, you don't wait to give Lou Gerhig the gig because Wally Pip got injured. If Yankees had not in fact done as you illustrate, then would have benefited from the switch to Gehrig that much earlier.

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