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Originally Posted by Rust Heisenberg View Post
Zusi is becoming a revelation.

Portugal hasn't looked too dominant in any of their friendlies. Friendlies don't mean much but they're there so that your team can fine tune their engine. Portugal has looked entirely lost. Ronaldo having two serious leg injuries will mean that they're easier to beat, for anyone.

Portugal will likely be received as a team with near home advantage. Brazil speaks Portugese. I'd imagine that they'll receive a very positive reception.

We almost beat Ghana last go around, I think our team this year is better than our team 4 years ago and their team this year is worse than it was 4 years ago. But we are a bad match up against them as our defense is our weak point and their blazing speed could be our downfall.

I think it comes down to USA v. Portugal. Not unthinkable. We could move out of this round if Ronaldo is a non-factor for them.
If I were coaching the USA, I'd basically do the soccer equivalent of beating the hell out of pretty boy Ronaldo. In the past, he's reacted like Crosby when he gets hit. Pissing him off might get Portugal completely off their game. If they concede an early one or two against the US, they could be DONE, considering they play Germany in the first game. US would probably do better with a comfortable German victory in the first game vs. Portugal. Pretty boys don't play all that well under pressure.

Also, it would be great if Croatia shocked the world and beat Brazil. I hate those MFers and would be so classic to see a country already annoyed about the corruption surrounding the Cup, now scared that their team might struggle to get to the knockouts.

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