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03-24-2007, 07:58 AM
Vlad The Impaler
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I watched the whole game, so was fortunate enough to see the comeback. A couple of observations:

-Leafs are the same old, same old. Some different players, same style. I guess they could do ok in the playoffs but something is still missing. It will be difficult for them to make the playoffs now. I don't see it happening, so one less team to worry about for the Habs.

-I don't understand why I keep hearing praise for Paul Maurice this year. He's an average coach at best and showed again last night that he is incapable of influencing the flow of a game.

-I'm not too sure the Sabres will be as great in the post-season as the playoffs. But they sure are fun to watch. This was a textbook comeback proving that in the new NHL, you can overcome a 4-1 deficit without the need for powerplays. Last night, the last three goals by the Sabres were equal strength with less than 11 minutes to go.

The NHL relies a lot on PP for scoring and luckily, we have a team like Buffalo who are exciting and generating chances no matter what the situation is on the ice. I for one hope that they will be very successful in the playoffs and win the the Stanley Cup. Maybe that would show the way for other teams that you can win with an exciting team.

The Sabres are the most entertaining team in hockey right now.

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