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06-10-2014, 02:53 PM
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No Habs Speedwick Ts available from any store

I have the following Habs Speedwick t-shirt, which is awesome for working out/exercise. I've had it since last season, so perhaps this is wherein the problem lies (NHL decided to stop giving a fk about one of the most popular teams). Now I want to order more online so that my sister can have them shipped to her house and then bring them to India when she visits me.

Pic of the shirt. I didn't take it, found it online, but it's the exact same (you'll recognize it if you've ever seen it -- Danny B wears the long sleeved one under his equipment):

Problem is, the following stores don't carry the Habs version. They have the leafs, sens, flames, nucks, jets, oilers, wings, bruins, flyers, rangers, DUCKS FFS, etc. All in various sizes.

- NHL store US
- NHL store CAN
- Sportchek (seriously, it's mind boggling how the one team they leave out is the Habs, and I doubt demand is the issue cuz they have the laffs, who have faithful, if pathetic fans)

What's the deal? Anybody buy one recently?

The "Habs" ( CAN) store has this version (new ones, they look like renderings, and quite honestly horrible), but they only have XL (the one I have is small and trust me, small = at LEAST medium or even large by normal standards.)

Thoughts? How is this possible?

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