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06-10-2014, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
they sold out of stock. Still available for other teams because people in those other cities are fat and don't exercise.
Haha, good point.

Ended up calling the NHL store. They've outsourced the hotline to some call center in the southern US whose employees don't seem well acquainted with hockey. Anyway, the lady did say that everything "Mahntre-ohl Canadiens" (it was like speaking to the female Southern Bettman, though she didn't talk about the greatness of "our" game) had been flying off the shelves in the last few weeks, EVEN these.

Bit surprised by that. If it was anything else, I can understand why suddenly people would want Habs stuff, but the workout shirt -- I only want it now so that it reaches my sister in time.

When I was living near Toronto, I would see tons of fat Leaf fans and their fat offspring wear the athletic shirt (speedwick). Like drinking protein shakes with their burgers.

Originally Posted by Kobe Armstrong View Post
Thanks dude! I scoured the net and even Amazon. Didn't find this one, but although it says progression, I think it's a sports shirt, but not speedwick. Also seems the sizes are way off.

I'll just wait until the NHL store re-stocks. Hopefully that's soon. I always lift heavier, run faster with this shirt on. Mental edge.

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