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06-11-2014, 02:06 AM
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I ran my shoulder into the boards late march. I couldnt do a single pull up without pain in my left shoulder. Today i can do one but its a far cry from being able to do 10-15 pull ups per set that i was doing before i injured it.

Listen to your shoulder like the doc said. I foolishly still played and taking face offs sucked when i used my left hand to draw. I had to use my right hand as the lower hand on face offs.

Some actions hurt more than others. Couldnt sleep on my left side for weeks and thats the side i like to sleep on.

What you need is time. Ive worked on strengthening the shoulder with excercise that didnt hurt. I could do some rows. Some rotator cuff exercises but nothing that involved a pullup.

So yeah. Listen to your body and try not to overdo it.

I believe in nutrition. Look up bone soup. Its a staple in my diet. Likewise fresh fruits and vegetables.

I too am looking to upgrade my shoulder pads. Id like to get my hands on eq50s but i might look into the new hsx from easton. Nexus 1000 or the new nexus 8000 has potential.

I play in a non check league but being 5 foot 4 and faster than most... Some reason i tend to get hit a lot.

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