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Originally Posted by Jive Time View Post
I had a 2nd degree separation just under two years ago and I still have problems with it. Listen to what your doctor says and do the PT. I think if I had done the PT as required I would be in better shape now.

I still have trouble sleeping on my left shoulder and if I don't use it, it seems to get worse. I took about 4 weeks off from playing which in retrospect was probably too short. Incidental contact will happen and it always stings. The thing that really got me was falling directly on the shoulder or elbow on the ice. One of those would set me back weeks. I'm sure better pads will help for some contact but it's no silver bullet.

I iced my shoulder after every game/practice for over a year and that seemed to help a lot. Being over 40 also plays into the slow recovery and everything seems to take longer to heal these days.

Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery.
What were you given as PT? I know some doctors prescribe it, but mine did not and I'm curious as to what it involved.

I just turned 44 (but still have not convinced myself I am no longer 28 ;-), so I appreciate what you guys are saying on the slower recovery time.

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