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03-25-2007, 01:43 AM
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Dear habs fans,

LesHasbRock is drunk righ now, so his typng migh nt be so god. Jaydee and Meroons and everyone else keep up the good work. My name is LesHabsRock and I am a habs fan for life. I will die with the logo in my heart. Habs are on a 4 game winstreask and I keep telling you guys since last weeek that they will win 5 in a row. This includes beating the Rangers on Tusday. Tuesdya is the day. Watch out cus LesHabsrock says so. I fear they will lose to Ottawa after their 5 game winstreak. Listen closely my friends. After their loss to OTtawa they will defeat Bufaalo on Saturday and Boston the next game (I forget the day). Something tells me they will lose to the Rangers on game #2 of their series, but it is very cloudy and I think they could go 5-1 for the remainder of the season and into a playoff spot.

Uuhhhh boy....tooo many Labatt Blu tonight ladies.

Edit: I have been banned from the leafs boards for no reaoson. Screw em.

Word to your mother,

Mitchell LesHabsRockMagic. Esquire.

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