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03-25-2007, 10:10 AM
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I've seen this happen in Halifax as well (in January).

I was visiting there, and went to the Oasis sports bar with some Leafs fans friends.

There were people watching the Habs and Bruins game already, but they got overruled by 2-3 tables of Leafs fans that arrived later (including us), and the game was switched. No matter how much the Habs table complained, the bar refused to change it back. Unfair, but that's how it goes. They would have the Habs or Sens games on a smaller TV in the back of another room. Another main TV always had the Pens for fans of the local hero Sid the Kid.

Leaf Nation is a giant octopus, and its tentacles reach across the country. I've come to expect such situations with Canada's largest fanbase. Just learn to live with it.

I'm surprised with McLaren's though, they have an entire wall with about 12 TVs. You'd think they would keep 1 or 2 for the Habs games.

Don't try The Prescott. It is 100 % Sens, no matter what every TV is on the Sens game, especially if it's not locally televised.

McLaren's is kind of a snobby yuppie place, so it's not surprising they treated you like jerks. It does have great TVs though. Mediocre food.

My suggestion: next time go to La Cage Aux Sports in Hull. The only games they show are Habs or Sens games (unless neither is playing).

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