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Originally Posted by Mattb124 View Post
I got trucked into the boards Sunday before last and suffered a 2nd degree shoulder separation and am trying to figure out what I am looking at in terms of recovery. Does anyone have any experience or advice about recovery time, rehab exercises, and equipment recommendations that might reduce the chances for future injury (i.e. how much do beefier shoulder pads help)?

The orthopedist I saw basically told me to take it easy and let pain be my guide through the recovery, but I have heard of other guys who have had PT and stretching regiments prescribed.
Separated my left shoulder twice. Have a nice little bump on the top of it that will never go away. The firs time I did it was during spring football camp missed all of camp which was about 4 weeks long. Eventually it took me about 6 weeks for it to feel normal. I recommend Ice Ice Ice for the first two weeks. Don't sleep on it or lay on it at all. After about a week 1/2 I would start some range of motion things such as sliding your arm up and down a wall in a verticle motion go to the point of pain but not total discomfort as you progress try bringing your palm off the wall. Do side shoulder raises also. As the range of motion gets better work your way into a push up. Work on range of motion for the first couple weeks. When you feel comfortable add weight bearing exercise. You are looking at about a 4 week recovery time. 6 weeks mostly likely 100 percent pain free.

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