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06-13-2014, 06:09 AM
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I don't really think that Tuch is a first round talent. All I know about him, he seems like a future bottom-6 player. But then again, he seems to be a long-term project and a guy with good size and physical and also with decent offensive talent could be a pretty good power forward. Might just take some time but I'm open to long-term projects.

Originally Posted by Vasilevskiy View Post
I was really impressed by Honka at the WJC... Finland won the Gold and while Rastolainen was the boss of the Finn's defense, Honka was super solid.
He outperformed Ristolainen in that tournament, mostly because Risto was pretty terrible in the start of the tournament. Ristolainen did step up in the last three games though and was quite dominant against Sweden, though. But Honka was, as you said, extremely solid throughout the tournament.

Originally Posted by AimForTopCheddar View Post
I generally LOVE Swedish players but I'm not completely sold on Nylander. Small but skilled forwards seem to never translate from the SHL.
True, there has been some highly skilled but small-ish (around 5'10"-6'0" which isn't necessarily small but average size) Swedes that have been drafted in the early rounds and who never really became difference-makers in the NHL. The difference between Nylander and these players is that Nylander has elite offensive tools, not just great. In my mind there's no doubt that Nylander will be a top-5, top-3 even, player from this draft. But there's no way IMO that the kid will be available @ 19.

Originally Posted by AimForTopCheddar View Post
I like Honka but like you said size isn't something you can teach and size is quite important when it comes to a defenseman. He seems like a top 4 or bust player to me.
Size isn't necessarily so important for a player like Honka. When you think about the best offensive defenseman of the last 10 or so years you have guys like Timonen, Rafalski, Boyle, Campbell, Zidlicky, Streit and from current players Karlsson, Letang, Goligoski, Krug etc. All of these guys are around that 5'11" range. Obviously when you don't have size that will affect your physical game (boards etc.) but you can still be a good defenseman if you have smarts for that - which Honka does have.

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