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03-25-2007, 09:59 PM
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Been defending Orr on other sites sice the Rangers snagged him off waivers last year. Countless times I have heard that this guy can't skate, and can't fight. Now on the skating part, it's easy to see that is definately an area of concern. He has trouble keeping up with the play...and the guy also has trouble handlin the puck. But strictly as an enforcer I think the kid has done a tremendous job for the Rangers. And not just for the Fedoruk KO either. Orr is certainly not the best fighter in the game. It could be argued that he even loses more than he wins...but when he does win, it's in convincing fashion. But to me what is more important is he is ALWAYS there to stand up for his teammates. He ducks nobody, and that is something that has been a problem in the past. He is as honest an enforcer as there is. Recently he had Boulton in a compromising position. He was down on one knee, and Colton had a free hand cocked back and ready to fire, but he eased up and didn't throw the punch. You would have never seen Dale Purinton do that!

Plus another thing on Orr. I really can't remember any Ranger enforcer that has done as much damage as this guy in his first two seasons. Hell I can't really remember any enforcer in the league that has done as much damage as Orr in thier first two seasons. Maybe Troy Crowder or Joey Kocur...and that's some pretty tough competition. For Colton who should only get better playingwise, and fightwise...I think it's a good move for the Rangers to hang onto him for a while.

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