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Originally Posted by Giacomin View Post
You might have to spend a season in the lower bowl. Many of the current STHs did it that way and I am sure almost everyone is happy the way things worked out. The key is to get your foot in the door. I would also not recommend becoming a STH unless you plan on going to at least half of the games.
What would the likelihood of being able to downgrade the following year?

I usually end up going to two games a month, usually buying a ticket the day after a loss, for a game in three to four days. Usually spending $65-75 for a single in the 200's.

15 games x $75 = $1,125
41 games x $50 = $2,050

If I go to half the games and sell the tickets I don't go to for face, I'm get to see a few extra games for "free."

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