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06-15-2014, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by LickTheEnvelope View Post
How the F did they put Johansen at 11??! o_O

No wonder the Canucks drafted like morons.
I honestly believe that a couple of you guys who post here on HF could've done a significantly better job with our scouting over the last few years. Really, going at least as far back as the Kopitar incident... ugh.

To be clear, I'm not saying anyone on a random website will be better than the professionals... but a few posters here are absolutely on top of the ball with scouting. Whereas the scouting under Nonis was, as far as I can make out, a practical joke by a GM that thought he'd be fired after 1 season, while the president didn't catch on to the joke for another 4 years. And the scouting has clearly improved under Gillis, but not enough.

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