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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
I have a theory about finishing. I think now adays fewer and fewer players are capable of beating a goal tender clean. By clean i mean no deflections, or screens just you and the goalie and a shot. This stanley cup final was a good example of that. I can't recall 1 clean goal off the top of my head.

Goals these days seem to come from deflections and rebounds and that is why i am all for getting power forward or guys that can live in the crease. Guys that can estbalish position in there and are large enough to take a beating are always a threat to get tips and rebounds. That is why i am all for getting a guy like Tuch who seems to possess the body to live in the crease, that is also why i like Defenders that are 6 foot 6 like morin who can beat the living hell out of guys trying to get in front of the crease instead of smaller more mobile defenders.
Definitely agreed about the Finals. Even Chicago vs. LA, most of the goals were deflections. When you have a good defense to box shooters out, and a solid enough goalie behind them, it makes it nearly impossible to score unless it's a rebound or a deflection. Most "clean goals" come off a fatal defensive miscue by the other team, anyway, which is another reason you stop seeing them as the playoffs go on.

And while I'm all for big guys that can get in the crease (like Simmonds), you still need that catalyst that can drive the play. A good possession player. Which is something we don't have enough of.

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