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06-15-2014, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
An underdog team can beat a better team in a 7 game series. Pro sports, especially hockey where so much depends on luck and a goalie is not like a math problem. It's not as simple as LA>NYR. I don't think they were gifted the series, I think LA probably takes the series in 7 not 5, if not for incompetent reffing. That said, due to luck and Lundqvist going into superhuman mode at times, no one knows how it would have ended. The Kings should have lost games 2 and 5, but the refs made sure they didn't. So unless the Kings changed their intensity or something in game 4, we'd likely be up 3-2. At that point, while I still think LA would win the series, a Lundqvist masterpiece along with a fluky bounce or two could mean that we're parading the cup despite not being as good as LA. Or are you one of the people that doesn't believe that the better team ever loses? That's simplistic thinking.
The refs gave the Rangers two power plays in overtime during game five. If the Rangers had scored on one of them, we'd be talking about how much game 6 tickets were going for, not chewing over "who" is to blame.

And yes, better teams tend to win when your best player is the goaltender. In the end a team has to score to win--the goalie can only keep you in the game until someone puts the puck in the other guy's net.

I'm not saying the Rangers could not have won because the Kings were a better team (and they were), just that everything has to go right and even then, you have to make something out of nothing and put the puck in the net when you have the opportunity. The boys tried, but....when two teams play for a championship, one of them is going to lose--even in horseshoes.

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