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Originally Posted by ReggieDunlop68 View Post
The best team may lose a shift.

The best team may lose a string of games in the regular season

The best team may get behind during a playoff round

but the best team wins, and that is why the Stanley Cup is so great

What burns me is not the bounces. What burns me is that the team was built in such a manner that they needed the goaltender to play as if he weren't human and the unfortunate loss of St. Louis' mother to spark the brotherhood just to almost get swept in the finals.

I can't recall every single non call, post, missed shot, etc. from every team from opening day until the cup is handed to the victor, but from what my neurons do recall over the years is that the sum total of a franchise's success over a decade or more is not a simple crapshoot.
I completely disagree. 4 rounds of 7 games means most likely a great or at least very good team wins. But once you have one series it's based a lot on luck. Seriously we get the calls and 1 lucky win and we have the cup. A ****** team isn't winning the cup, but to say that 100% of the time the best team wins is foolish and simplistic. Are you telling me that LA is 100% better than Chicago when they won that series on a fluke goal? It's silly, winning 4 of 7 games doesn't automatically make you the best team. Goaltending is very important, so is luck, and so is reffing.

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