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06-16-2014, 08:00 AM
Kreider Typical
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I like it even though it dulls the game down a bit and makes races for the puck super boring. It just needs serious revisions.

For instance:
If you ice the puck but it's going right to an opponent, that player should be forced to play the puck or at least attempt to. So many guys clear as day avoid the puck at all costs in order to draw the icing. Makes for a lot of unnecessary stoppages.

Pet peeve - if it's going in the paint(maybe even the trapezoid) make the goalie play the puck or call off the icing.

Just too many icings. Races are too heavily dependent on the ref's and they can be completely wrong about who will get there first.

It either needs revisions or to be removed entirely. Safety is important for sure, but it just slows stuff too much

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