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06-16-2014, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post

I'm not going to say the PP worked, because it didn't and Richards was a large part as to why it didn't work, but you ask what AV had to lose, and in his mind, what he had to lose was a game, and a series. People will say, well, they're losing anyway, but as coach, you're not saying, I might as well do this because we're losing anyway. Sometimes you go with what got you there. By game 5 it looked as though it was turning around and the problem on the PP (Richards) was no longer the problem. Easy to sit here and throw out solutions. I'm sure AV was aware that he wasn't getting great play from the point, and was aware that the PP was not winning the series for him; he may've also believed that the solution wasn't right there on his bench.
Im sure AV was aware. I think he was afraid to break out of his comfort zone on the PP. By this token, coaches shouldn't make in game adjustments such as changing up lines, D-pairings, etc.

AV changed his lines during the game and during the series. If he was willing to do that, I fail to see why he also couldn't take the same chance on the PP. When line combinations become ineffective, you change them. When defense pairings aren't getting the job done or are getting beat, you switch them up and adjust. When you power play isn't scoring, you adjust. It is no different than anything else a coach would normally adjust.

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