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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
The NFL is losing season ticket holders just because of those 2 worthless preseason games. It's such a big issue that they keep trying to cut out one of those games and add a couple to the regular season (players union refusing).

It's not reasonable to charge full price on any sport's preseason games because they are not competing and the product is inferior. Obviously I don't want to be forced to buy any preseason games but they should at least cut the price in half. That's what the Phillies (MLB) and Wizards (NBA) do.

They will never mark down preseason games to $0 and mark up regular season because they still need to sell thousands of those preseason individually at a high enough price
NFL is losing season ticket holders for more than just the pre-season. 1) just the prices in general. 2) kills the entire sunday. 3) Since most people nowadays have ADD, and ADHD, the thought of sitting/standing to watch 1 entire game is not very appealing. People want to watch redzone or go to a bar to watch every game so they can keep up to the second with the fantasy teams and bets.

I see it with a few of the younger guys (25-28) with whom I work. They think I am nuts for spending $95 to go to the game. Then $30 for parking and $30 for the tailgate I attend. They go to a sports bar at 1pm, drink all day, eat twice, and do not spend as much as I do.

As for the NHL, they cetainly can make it $0 for pre-season games for STH and slightly raise the regular season tickets. They can then charge accordingly for the individual tickets. Those do not actually sell anyway on an individual basis.

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