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06-16-2014, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
That's only because Montreal isn't as good of a 3rd period team as LA is. It was the same strategy, but with more success due to a lesser opponent.
That's what gets me though.

After the third of game 1, why on earth was there no attempt to come up with something else? That period was embarrassing, and it was repeated to an extent in every single game the rest of the series.

Outshot by a bit, okay. Outpossessed by a bit, okay. It's a clamp down strategy, it's not about generating scoring. I can live with that. But outshot, what 20 to 2 or something? Outpossessed completely? That wasn't bad luck, or fatigue, or anything else. It was a strategy that played right into the Kings hands, and they took it every time it was offered.

I'm not going to blame the whole loss on AV, as it was obviously deeper than that, and much of it isn't about who lost it for NYR but who won it for LA, but damn, that strategy was awful, and I'm going to be real pissed if we see it again next year against a high-powered offense. It simply doesn't work against the best of the best.

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