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06-16-2014, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
I'm skeptical of the idea of emulating last year's champs. It changes every year, and it's purely reactionary.
The bigger teams typically have an advantage. This is not a preach to rebuild the Bullies, but the team needs size.
Build your team to play the best way they can and be the champs yourself, write the narrative. Be the team that other, less creative teams try to emulate.
This I disagree with. The Rangers best play is not nearly good enough to compete against the likes of the Kings or Bruins. They did not loose to lack of skill. They lost because the bigger team took a big enough bite of them to where there was no getting off of the matt.
A huge injection of size and an attitude adjustment is unreasonable to expect in one offseason. I think it's easier, and far more realistic, to make this team a better skill team than it is now. Get more comfortable with one another. Tweak the game plan. Retain who you can, and don't ever add just to add. Only add pieces that fit what you're trying to do.
I am not expecting huge injections. Nor calling for massive changes. I am however, saying that the metamorphosis needs to start.
An OT goal here or there, and this team doesn't "desperately" need anything. IMO, they don't "desperately" need anything even having just lost.
To me, if the team wants to be a true contender, they need is desperate.

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