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06-16-2014, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
To me, hard decisions need to be made. Even if everyone is resigned, that is not good enough. The team, as constituted, was not nearly good enough against the Kings. The Rangers looked like a middle weight fighting a heavyweight. They need an infusion of size and attitude. They cannot continue to ice the mighty mites.

That said, there is a cap. Which means decisions to be made. Even with the buyout of Richards, they are still squeezed and cannot make foolish decisions. Couple that with the need to be better and Jackass can have his hands full. Which is why they really need to look at the roster and figure out who is not only a part of the solution, but who fits in the best. Staal will need to be given a top pairing defenseman's contract. Zucc will need to be resigned. They need to add size.

Two players that will probably make the same amount of money is Stralman and Brassard, probably in a similar $4.5m range. I would resign Stralman and let go of Brassard if I HAD to make a choice. I would also let Pouilliot go. And Moore. Extend Staal. Sign Zucc. Resign Boyle. Then utilize Hagellin as a chip/part of a trade to bring in a younger, bigger center than what the Rangers currently have. Boyle and Moore do not belong on the same team. No team needs 2 4th line centers. I would also resign Carcillo.

People have their favorites and their own views. I am sure that there were Boston fans who did not want to let Kessel or Sequin go. But those were tough decisions that needed to be made and they used to help build a contender that can play with anyone in the league.

The Rangers do not need to build a team that will compete with Montreal. The Rangers need to build a team that will compete with Boston. With LA. With San Jose. With Chicago. With Anaheim. Results may not come in year one, but they can come fairly quickly. And with Henke still in goal.
I don't think it's so simple as "add size and meanness and win". What we really need (which you could directly correlate to size) are players that can score in different ways. Need players that can muscle their way to rebounds, players that can stay on their skates and take that punishment in front of the net, and defensemen that can keep these players away from Hank. Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell were spectacular this series, with their stick work and keeping the crease clear. I'd also argue speed at center is very needed. It's tough having really fast wingers and eh centers. I feel like Hags and MSL could've produced a lot more if they had a talented pivot that could keep up with them (not Richards, of course).

There's absolutely no silver bullet, but I don't think the changes that need to be made will be anything close to impossible.

This is already a very good hockey team.

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