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Would you say that to someone that is an intermediate or beginner player they would not notice that much difference between the W28 and W03 (P92) curve? Because I have a W03 Kopitar curve, but I really want to try something with Toe curve, is there a big difference?

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Got four skates in this weekend including one game.

After working with this stick through the week, I found that you don't want to shoot right from the toe, but either the mid or mid-toe region. There's some wobble off the toe unless you really try to roll the puck off the toe (by pulling the stick in as you shoot).

In warmups, I was shooting very well, once again hitting corners while grazing the posts. Beat the goalie clean a few times in warmups, which I haven't been doing since last year.

Had what I would say my best shooting game all year. I took 9 or 10 shots with only one missing the net (just wide as I curled to the middle of the ice and took a low shot) and one getting blocked. Most of the shots were around the edges of the net, again a big improvement over shots that were into the pads or chest before.

Scored two goals, both of which I would say the changed curve played a role. First goal was a puck that I believe was cleared from the slot right up the middle of the ice. I was going to that area, saw it coming and just kind of snapped at it, where it went in high blocker. Second goal was on the rush where I was coming in on the left side, the defender was coming in to meet me from the right side, so I took a quick wrist shot that kissed the post and went in. Again, this is the shot that typically goes wide or hits the goalie for me lately.

The other big thing was two strong slap shots that I took, which is rare. My slappers, especially using 55-65 flex sticks, are not all that strong and tend to stay low and miss the net. I took one slapper as a loose puck was cleared to me on the left side as I entered the zone, mostly to get the puck on net as a defenseman was about to intercept me. The goalie made a strong glove save, otherwise it might have snuck in high glove. The other shot was from the left point, where everyone was kind of standing still and I wanted to get the puck on net so we could change. The goalie for whatever reason tried to glove it as it was going low, struggled with the save and lost the puck in his pads. I mention that again because my slappers suck normally but I (and others) thought those were good shots.

I also caught a lot more passes in warmups and throughout the game and can definitely attest to the blade doing a good job of dampening the pucks so they don't bounce off. I can't stress enough that I have never seen that in a price point stick (and even in my old Vapor X:60).

Conclusions after second week:

- Curve allows for accurate wrist shots that get up a little quicker than a P92 but are still controlled compared to P91

- Slapshots taken from the middle of the blade stay nice and low

- Lower lie and slightly longer stick are helping to take shots off the toe and get around defenders a little easier

- Flex still feels true to rating which for me is a bit stiff

- Puck feel is much like wood, deadening passes

- Weight is still a bit heavy and annoying, but definitely usable

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