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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I don't think the Kings size has very much to do with it. The fact is that the Kings are extremely well coached and extremely discplined. They just keep coming at you and they are almost ALWAYS in the correct position to help their teammates, especially offensively and through the neutral zone. Sure they do commit turnovers, every team does that no matter how good they are, but when the Kings are "on" it's because their puck support is ridiculously good and just plain remarkable. They know where their teammates are and know what plays they can make to move the puck around and not lose it.

The Rangers can play like that, and often do, but not as consistently as the Kings, and that's what killed them. The Kings gameplan is like the next step up from what the Rangers typically had done last season...4 lines that are effective and a good team game but they are more consistent at it than the Rangers and probably overall have better one took a night off for the Kings, no one really played poorly and dragged the team down.

Size is just a small component of that, the real excellence of the Kings is their coaching and discipline.
This. They played inch perfect hockey. Incredible reslientsy. I'm hoping this is due to experience and now we should have it

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