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03-26-2007, 11:42 PM
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We got D leagues if they have that, try that. Even at our D league, the lowest one, there are pretty good players so the beginners tag doesn't really apply. Generally most don't have a hard slapper or blazing speed, but they do have a nice wrister.

Drop-ins and any ice time is important. I've been on teams skating out where we had noob goalies, one guy who practice a whole bunch, and then a guy towards the middle end of the spectrum. The guy who played a lot of drop-ins was an outstanding goalie despite nvr played in a league ever and didn't start playing till he was like 25, 26? The other guy got bailed out by our offense

But even if you went ahead and played on this team, idk if you'll get destroyed as long as the D is ok. Think you gotta just work on staying in position especially and you'll make it. I think most noobs goalies get beat cause they don't know where they are in the crease and like to drop to their knees too early.

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