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02-15-2004, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by FSU Seminoles
WHAT ? Kilger B+ ???????? I just watched the 3rd periond, and he can't even handle the puck with no one surrounding him
I agree, he had a clear breakaway that he could have easily made something of, but he when he turned is head and saw there was a defenceman coming, he paniced and lost the puck. Definately not the work of a B+ player. This is one example, but the were ample defensive, and offesive possibilities that he screwed up on.

In the mean time, I do enjoy guys analysis of every game. I've watch a lot of hockey, but never really analysed individuals performance. Guys posting, as really helped me to look for the individual rights and wrongs. Brings a new excitement to my game watching. Thanks guy (I feel like I'm gonna cry) :p

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