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06-18-2014, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post

Spezza oozes talent. He had a terrible season, and still put up 66 points in 75 games.

People forget that in 2012 he had 84 points and finished top-5 in the NHL in points.

On a bad year, Spezza is good for top-30 in points in the NHL. On a good year, he is good for top-10 in points in the NHL. Players like him don't grow on trees. In terms of pure offensive talent there aren't many players better than him. He's also fantastic in the face off dot (which we need). And he's proven he can do it without much talent around him (when Spezza finished with 84 points he was playing with a lot of different wingers, none of which you could really pencil into legitimate first line winger, mostly borderline 2nd line wingers / 3rd liners).

And he is only 31 years old. He still has a handful of prime years left in him.

Only thing that always concerns me with Spezza is his health. It's very hit and miss. But, to be fair, Staal has plenty of health issues over the years too.

If we could swap Staal for Spezza straight up, Sather would be a fool not to do it. Spezza/Stepan/Brassard is actually GOOD center depth. We'd finally have an elite producing center.

It would take more than Staal to get Spezza though. I just wonder how much more.
Between saying he had a terrible year last year and then pointing out his age and his health issues I have to wonder if you didn't make enough points in your post to not trade for him. I wouldn't compare Staal's injuries to Spezza's. Staal is a few years younger and that eye injury was a freak--it's not the wear and tear kind of injury that happens to a player as he gets older.

In any case I see no good reason for the Rangers to go older. If they feel the need to move Staal I think it would be a lot wiser to go for someone younger. Names that have been mentioned--ROR and Pavelski are a lot more interesting to me than Spezza or Jumbo Joe. In moving Staal though we are going to take a big hit to our defense corps. The Rangers made it through 3 series this year largely because we had a better defense than at least most everybody else in the East. Moving Staal and losing Stralman which seems fairly likely as well is going to hurt our defense a lot--IMO.

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