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02-15-2004, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh
Maybe Markov isn't big, but he does have a nasty streak. I mean, I think by now we've all heard the story about the mascot thing and he also has dished out a few good hits, just a very tough player IMO. I think while Lundmark was like a top-10 pick and isn't going to kill anyone. As for Tjutin, those were just my observations, I think he will amount to something, but I just wrote what I saw. I really don't like Darren Pang, but I think he was right on (for once) on his comments about Bobby Holik. You can say that Handzus is 6'5 and he doesn't really fight a lot, but he doesn't skate around delivering dirty or semi-dirty hits.

I'd love to see Fedoruk kick the crap out of Holik in the next game, maybe the Flyers announcers could get a mic on Fedoruk and then have him skate around calling out Holik and see what Holik says.

Did Rucinsky call Hitch a "fat *******" during the game, I can't read lips, but it sure looked like it. I am still not too familar with the does and don'ts on the board so if there is a problem with the above sentence, then can someone tell me?
Actually, Handzus throws plenty of dirty hits. There is a reason his nickname is Boardzus. Its not that he is dirty, he is just a terrible checker. But even he fights more than Holik.

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