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03-27-2007, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by svgster View Post
My 5 year old son is learning to skate a couple of questions....

1. In my hockey days I seem to recall a "myth" that the best hockey skaters learned to skate on figure skates first. Is this correct?, he is still using skate hire figure skates at the moment but I want to get him some skates so he gets some confort and a consistent grind but do I get figure or hockey skates?
Figure skates are often easier for beginners to learn to balance and move around on because of the longer, flatter blade. The rinks where I teach allow beginners to wear either kind of skate for basic lessons, but if I've got a student in hockey skates who's having trouble balancing and marching forward I'll often suggest to the parents that they go with rental figure skates for a few weeks. As soon as the skater can march, glide, get up from a fall, etc. in the figure skates we go back to the hockey skates and they're generally fine. If your son can do those things and you're ready to buy skates, I'd go with the hockey skates.

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