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02-15-2004, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by blah
I'm sorry, but what? Holik was called out and did nothing, at all, all game long. Why was he even on the ice? Are the Rangers that rich? They can afford to pay 9 mil to a player who has reduced himself to nothing more than a warm body?

I'm a homer for stating the obvious. Hilarious. Holik obviously didn't play like he normally does. I wonder why.
I'm not going to talk about the game as a whole, because there is really not need to do so. The Rangers are an utter embarassment as a team and Jackass is just a disgrace to the game.
No. I'm commenting on the other 2 hot debates. First of all, Blah, I guess that Kim Jonsson is nothing but worthless, gutless piece of crap since he has gotten challenged by Barnaby or other RAgners "tough guys" and yet never seems to drop the gloves. Hmmm.....wonder why that is? Is it becuase he is a coward? No, it's becuase it is simply not his job. There are players in the league who do not drop the gloves. BTW, nice tough act by Brashear. Eventually he dropped the gloves, but it did not really look like he wanted to have anything to do w/ Simon.
The fact that Fedoruk thinks that Holik would suddenly become a quiet player if the instigator rule was not in, tells you all you need to know about him. I'm sure he just positevely frightens HOlik. I'm sure that Holik deep down is really petrified and holds Fedoruk's opinion so close to his heart.
Caiing for holik to fight is assinine. The biggest piece of yellow journalistic crap that I have seen since the Esposito anti-Russian bias. Pang proved himself to be an utter moron and lost any bit of credibility that he had.
For non-Ranger fans who are calling for Holik to fight, that is nothing more than 10+ years of frustration of playing against him. I know. I was there when he played for the Devs. It's the same way that I am waiting for Varada to drop the gloves.
And as for Pang, he is an utter idiot. Yes, we all knew what the fans were chanting. However, his tone and the way that he was carrying on, was completely unprofessional. And I AM NOT saying this as a Rangers fan. I am saying this as a sports fan. The minute that your bias as a broadcaster shows, what is the difference between him and an announcer for professional wrestling? ABC has to discipline him. It is one thing not to like a team and be able to make comments that are vieled shots. It is quite another to show open dislike on a natinal broadcast. What Pand did was a diservice to the broadcasting profession. He acted like the wrestling announcers when they were announcing the XFL. Make comments about Rosiem but what are you doing when you take shots from the safety of a broadcast booth? Pang proved himself to be the gutless coward that he tried to protray Holik to be.

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