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02-15-2004, 01:38 PM
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I honestly HOPE this is a joke.

what the hell!!? Theodore bashers dissapeared for 60% of an entire season 'cause he was playing like the 2nd comming of god (ok i'll say like a top1-2-3 goaltender in the league HANDS down with Brodeur and Luongo) and 'cause he's having 2 bad (let's say average) weeks. He's overrated, bad, only an above average goaltender??

Guys, This is not how it's WORKS. Luongo HAVE bad weeks, (ENTER NAME) HAVE bad weeks. BRODEUR have plays Average for like an ENTIRE MONTH not so long ago: he's no ****.

Elites Goaltenders are the most capable to puts elite performances back to back to back on a regular basis. This NOT means in any ways they wont have somewhere in an entire season some sub-par performances.

Would Theodore plays all the season like he has since early december, he could stop playing and received half the trophies... GET REAL.

He's just GREAT. And no ways we trade him. Garon is a nice goaltender but NO WHERE near Theodore status. Not even in your dreams he should be...
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I would have think Roy trade would help prevents people from trading Theo all around, but it appears it's not...

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