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06-18-2014, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I think it's important to make kids earn a spot on the team, rather than forcing an opportunity for them. If a kid is ready, the team will find a spot for him somehow. Injuries always happen and I have no doubt he'd be the first call-up.
The thing is, the cap crunch is happening right now, and trading for a big money C or singing a UFA C for big money alters a team that just made the finals in ways that are not reversible.

Say they trade a roster player or two for a center, which also places them right up against the cap. Then Miller is ready. Suddenly, they shipped away roster players from a team that just made the finals for a center that they maybe didn't even need. Can't turn the clock back on that. Okay, trade Brass, put Miller in that spot. The cap savings isn't as great, and Brass has unreal chemistry with Zucc. Then there are meaningless downgrades that just echo through the lineup. It's easier to make trades later than it is to unmake trades made in haste.

And it's not like Miller has been eh in the AHL either. He's clearly figured it out down there. Is he ready for a 2/3C role in the NHL? Who can say? But he's sure as hell ready for the NHL, and he's a center, which they need, and he's on a tiny contract, and they desperately need cap space. Sure, they can find a spot for him after they tear the team apart to find the elusive 1C, but at that point, how many minutes they can find for Miller is the very least of the issue.

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