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06-19-2014, 09:48 AM
I jinx players.
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I think the lack of patience comes with experience. The Rangers have had the same GM for some time now. He's done some good and some bad, with the bad obviously being accentuated among the fanbase. Well, forget about Sather for a moment, it's the Rangers in general. We have seen big ticket guys come in (through trades and as UFAs). They're traded for pieces that are typically homegrown, and it's that homegrown talent that everyone seems to really root for and hope does well. And then they get here and do not live up to their billing. Some not even close. Nash and Richards are examples, with Nash being a bigger example since he was a bigger ticket. The expectation was he could put the team over the top with his offensive talent...and that includes in the playoffs. That he had only four games experience is immaterial. If he plays hard and tough, he can score in the playoffs. Kovalev scored 9 goals in his first playoff season. Why can't Nash, a vet, do well in his second playoff series? Why can't he do well in his third playoff series? Two seasons in and he hasn't earned his paycheck and really didn't come in and do what was expected and there isn't an expectation next season will be different. He's not 24 years old. He's 31 and has been in the league for a while. So the fanbase has seen this and made up their minds. And those who are patient are fine to be patient. I am because I have no other choice and don't think he sucks and looking back on the "what could have beens" isn't typically my style; gotta move forward. But being patient is sometimes just being hopeful. AV was patient with Richards. He kept him in there and the funny thing is he didn't put him back quick enough (thought he was one of the better skaters in game 5 and Moore was a drag on the top line - should've moved up sooner). I'm with you on waiting, jersey, but will have a criticism here and there and do understand the impatience. If there are "garbage" comments, then that is something I really wouldn't understand.
Fletch, I hear you. I'm a Met fan and I get like that sometimes (like with the Granderson signing). And yes, the Rangers have made tons of mistakes in the past. Part of what makes NY so great is the pressure and demand for excellence that the fans impart. However, that is also the downfall of many teams. The Mets are talking about trading for a big time OF. Why???? They are in last place, have a payroll below $90M. They should be trading off assets and acquiring prospects. Because NY demands they turn it around ASAP, and management feels pressure. It's not an excuse, it's a reality.

With the Rangers, I've seen some bonehead moves over the years. But I disagree on the bolded. Nash just turned 30 a few days ago, he's not 31. But besides that, he has been in the league for awhile but when you play 8-9 years in Columbus and suck, you develop some bad habits, and without playoff experience for that long, it is probably a huge adjustment for him. Who's to say that he doesn't figure it out next year? Then what, all these people who want to trade Nash will laud him as such an integral, elite player. Honestly, I feel like you do. I'm disappointed in Nash's goal output but I'm going to be patient because I saw the effort. With a strong offseason, a full regular season healthy (hopefully), who knows what can happen.

Some players have it click for them immediately in the playoffs - others don't. Whether he's 30, 24, or 35, his playoff career is younger than Derek Stepan's, who's 23. That makes it worse. If he had 40-50 playoff games under his belt before he came here, you don't think that makes a difference? I hope he can figure it out and make it work, because if he doesn't in the next year or two, we're not going to win the Cup.

Also, this isn't Richards. Richards has lost all his skating ability - he went from a 90 point center to a 50 point center in the span of a year - he is subject to cap recapture - his mouth is bigger than his game at this point. Nash led the team in goals despite playing in only 65 games and has averaged 35 goals over 82 as a Ranger. His playoff goal totals leave much to be desired...but trading him because "he's not worth the cap hit" or buying him out or whatever is dumb. If Nash gets traded - it will be because it is mutual between him and the Rangers - and he will pick his destination - and he will find success elsewhere - and then fans will say "you know, he was pretty good for us" like they do now with Gaborik, when 90% of Rangers fans hated Gaborik's game when he was a Ranger. I'm gonna let people be impatient and irrational though, and just stop talking about Rick Nash. He's part of the team whether you, I, or anyone else likes it or not.

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