Thread: Player Discussion: Rick Nash Part II
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06-19-2014, 10:02 AM
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I can't say that if the Rangers make the playoffs that Nash would be good or bad (goal and point wise). He can be great. If I were to bet on it, I'd say he would be mediocre. I don't disagree with a lot you said. You make good points and have approached this in a good manner. I look at him and say two years in the playoffs and by the last game he wasn't better than the first game. Good players seem to still be good players in the playoffs; unfortunately Nash is paid like a great player, and the expectations are high. I think his current style of play doesn't lend itself to a tight checking kind of playoff game. He just doesn't fight enough when he gets close and the shots he gets off aren't the highest quality. Will that change? Again, you don't expect an 8 year vet to turn things around. I'm not saying he won't. Trust me, I hope the Rangers make it to the playoffs and he's the top point getter. I'm just not betting on it.

I'm patient. I don't think buying him out or trading him are worthwhile either. On the trade front, don't think anyone wants him at that price and on the buyout front I think he brings more to the team than would somebody at what his cap hit would be if he were to be bought out. I'm not crapping on him either. I do think he is what he is at this point and just hope he stays healthy next season and can put up a 30+ goal, 60+ point season and help the Rangers get back to the big game.

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