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06-19-2014, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by LittleKev6D9 View Post
I didn't get to watch McIlrath a lot during the end of the season, but in the beginning when I watched the AHL regularly I can say this:

Any time there was an altercation on the ice, McIlrath was the first guy to jump in for his teammates. He always had his teammates backs.

That's a thing a lot of people on this board clamor about. Showing heart. Well, McIlrath has a ton of heart. It's a quality I firmly believe is contagious. When McI is standing up for his teammates, the rest of the guys seem to follow suit.

Again, I didn't watch him a lot during the end, but in the beginning I could see balance was certainly an issue, but his positioning was there from time to time and he had trouble handling passes. When the puck was at his stick, he had no issues moving the puck effectively. And he's just a monster on ice.

This board is always crying about needing to get tougher, well McI is gonna get you tougher. I look forward to the same board complaining about how he sucks.
His balance and positioning/picking his spots improved tremendously towards the end of the year. He seemed much more settled. Then he started showing some offensive flair a bit. Something he has to continue to develop for sure, but there is some nice upside there.

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