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06-20-2014, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnC View Post
Buyout Watch Day 5: there appears to be no evidence of a buyout yet. All hope is fading.
There has been no public movement on anything; I wouldn't say hope for anything is fading. The longer it goes, the greater chance Richards stays, for an obvious reason: if he was let go sooner, it would be done. The Rangers have a lot of decisions to be made. They need to hit free agency running, need to set their targets, and need to go through the players and budgeting issues. While Richards seems like a no-brainer, it perhaps isn't because he is well-liked and thought high of throughout the organization, and that includes his coach and teammates. I'm sure some in the organization think it's a no-brainer, others weigh their thoughts on the consequences and how he's replaced, etc. However, for all we know the decision has been made, but not publicly. The have 10 more days to finalize decisions. With a draft in front of them, and perhaps with them trying to make a deal ahead of it, maybe they're a bit busy now.

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