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06-20-2014, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
The problem is that, even if we trade him now, we will still get hit with the cap recapture penalties when he retires, assuming he retires before this contract ends in 6 years. That seems highly likely since the last 3 years of the contract pay him only 1 mil per year.

If we were to trade him now and he were to retire 3 years from now, we would get hit with a cap penalty of $4,333,333 a year for 3 years starting in 2017-18.

If we trade him now and he retires 4 years from now, we would get a 6.5 mil penalty for 2 years.

If we trade him now and he retires 5 years from now, we would get a 13 mil cap penalty in 2019-20.

Keeping him for a year or two and then trading him only makes the problem worse, as his salary in each of the next 3 years is higher than his cap hit, which will mean higher penalties if he retires early.

If we keep Richards for 3 more years, then trade him and he retires in 2019, we will get a 1 year cap penalty of $16,666,667
Exactly. Thanks for mapping it out.

Does Brad Richards look like a guy that has 6 years left in the tank? LOL

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