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06-20-2014, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
With all due respect to Meltzer -- who has many of the same feelings I do on Flyers History and past players such as the appreciation and possible FHoF selection of Jimmy Watson, BTW... but I digress -- Luke is very, very young still... and while the times have changed, it still takes more time for D-man development... and with some it may take more. That said, I suppose I should have said L. Schenn is what he presently is and Grossmann Yada Yada.

Tell me one thing... if he could have been obtained with a second rounder, the why wasn't he moved by Toronto to one of the many teams who wanted him before? You are glancing over the fact that JvR was an extremely streaky player who only showed glimpses of his ability on occasion... and the Flyers were at that time deling with an excess of his position and a need of a D-man as they sought Weber and was obviously leaning towards letting Carle walk. IIRC both teams were feeling that a change of scenery was needed with each player and for the team a more needed position was targeted... Not saying that they were necessarily project players, rather that each player in trade could strengthen the other team and could very well be a deal that benefits both teams. Not to say that that was or was not the case by the fact that Toronto ended up very streaky and missed the PostSeason this season and the Flyers were also but made the Playoffs... JvR was a better player butb IMO was still not the poster boy for consistence through the entire Season. In the end you could certainly argue that at this point Toronto ended up with the better part of the deal... but down the line that could possibly change.

I also believe that Grossmann was playing hurt a great deal of the Season, but even with that, he has his role and plays hurt... which to me is admirable. If Hexy can replace him with a player who stays healthier and can do that role, then by all means move him and replace him... but please don't move him just for the sake of doing it. After all is said and done I think the Flyers respect and like Grossmann as a player much more than the average Flyers fan does... and that is really what counts most.
Not was but is a streaky player who still takes games off. He had to go hands down. I do wish we could have gotten more for him but I am very pleased with Luke. He is playing better and I still see him only getting better. I have been watching pro hockey since the 60's and I do not claim to know everything except that no one can predict the future and that we all have an opinion. I am sticking with my knowledge of the game and I am not ready to give up on Luke. The young man will be a leader for us on the backend and will be a fine pro. Cracks me up but it was not that long ago when defensemen played in the AHL for years before they played in the NHL and still got their name on the cup. And as far as Grossmann goes, I to agree with your statement. You win with players like these and that is what counts the most.

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