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02-15-2004, 05:20 PM
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Bobby Holik is a

I hated him when he was with New Jersey, and I hate him even more now that he is on my team. It wasn't a dirty hit against Primeau, I believe it was an accident, but Holik is a cheap shotting derelict. To make matters worse, if your gonna play like a tough guy, stand up for yourself. One of my favorite Rangers during this horrendous run of futility was Chris Tamer for pounding this 230 lb pile of dog fecies and making him turtle worse than Mr. Happy after I get outta the pool.

I honestly am embarrassed that this man is a part of our organization, he makes me ill. Im so happy no one stood up for him, let him take a stand and be a man for once in his life. Little Jaime dropped his gloves and the 230 lb kitty skated away like the oversized hair pie he is. Die Bobby Holik, just die.

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